A Message From Your Loved Ones in Spirit!

A message from your loved ones in spirit!

Today I wanted to share with you a message from your loved ones in spirit. And today’s message is all about dreams and having experiences with loved ones who have passed in the dream state.

You may wonder, well, why does this happen, why do they come in the dreams, and don't just show up when I’m awake. And the fact is, is that they can show up when you are awake, where you may see them with your physical eyes. This does happen but is more of a rarity.

I would say that having dreams of passed loved ones is a fairly common experience, but these dreams are not just ordinary dreams. They are very vivid and tend to strike up loving and joyful feelings within you.

Some people have experiences where they were with their loved one but the loved one wasn’t paying attention to them, where they may have been kind of doing their own thing while you were observing. People have reported that they could sense that their loved one was happy and at peace and that even though they didn’t look at the loved one who was having the dream, they knew that their loved one who had passed knew that they were together at that time. Maybe you have had an experience like this.

There are other experiences in the dream state where people feel they were in different worlds, traveling from one dimension to the next with their loved one. Other people have had experiences where they were speaking with each other telepathically and did not need to move their mouths to talk, but just knew what was being said.

Most often people experience their loved one in the dream to be very much alive, vibrant, happy, and at total peace. It gives people a sense of calmness after having the experience that their loved ones are really with them and confirms to them that it wasn’t their imagination, due to the realness of the experience.

Other times people have experienced messages from their loved ones, especially asking them to stop grieving over them, that they are happy now, and safe and at peace. These messages can be passed in various ways not just when someone is dreaming but in the waking reality too.

Maybe you have just recently dreamt of a loved one? Maybe it's been some time now since you’ve had an experience like this. Either way, know that they are around and with you, and safe and at peace.