Holidays and Spirit

I can recall when I was much younger, feeling and sensing spirit in my home around this time of year, which wasn't out of the ordinary that I did, but it was always more potent. Especially on Christmas Eve. Which I never understood until I first realized that I was a medium. Somehow I knew that family members that passed were there because I could feel them and sense them in the room!

Some believe that the veil is thinner during this time of year and that our loved ones draw closer, but what I feel is, is that we just become more focused on them, allowing us to perceive them more, and become aware of them. Our loved ones are always around, not just on the holidays, but during our every day lives as well.

During this time of year, we tend to miss our loved ones who passed. We want them to be around with us and to enjoy the holidays with us again.

What I can tell you is, is that they are with us. And our loved ones do see all of the wonderful things you are doing with your family here.

They genuinely want us to enjoy our holidays and to know that they are still around. It is quite astounding to me even to this day that I was recognizing spirit when I was younger, and I remember thinking that they are still here and around us. And now seeing how I have evolved with communicating with loved ones in spirit has really validated those experiences to me when I was younger. 

Asking for a sign or symbol can be helpful, but I wouldn't try to ask for that particular sign or symbol to be received on a specific day. You may receive something after the holidays, or perhaps on Christmas day. But setting that intention on wanting to receive a sign can be helpful.

Know that as you are going throughout the holiday season your loved ones are not missing a beat.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

May you know that your loved ones are just a thought away and with you during this holiday season. :-)