How to know your loved ones who have passed are still with you


Through my work as a medium, I have come to know that our loved ones who have passed are still with us. And here in this blog post today I want to help shed some light on this reality because I also understand that not everyone is a medium! So how can the everyday person have experiences with passed loved ones and realize that they are indeed still with them?

One way, which I know to be true, is through signs and symbols. Our loved ones want us to know that they are safe and at peace, and one of the ways they so are through signs and symbols. There are some commons signs and symbols to watch out for such as feathers, pennies, birds, special holidays, birthdays, and also dreams. But whatever sign or symbol that you receive will be unique to you either through timing or through that unique connection that is felt from within even if it is a common sign.

Understanding that they may also come through to you with something they had a unique connection with when they were here. Maybe it was a fox. Maybe that loved one loved fox's for whatever reason, and that is something that people and yourself knew about them. You may find yourself one day thinking about that particular loved one, and a fox runs across your front lawn right at that exact moment!

Now I understand here as well that not everything is a sign or symbol, but I do believe that in a case like this, we should know that this is a way in which your loved one says hello, and letting you know they are safe and at peace.

A place to start when it comes to receiving a sign or a symbol is simply to ask. Allow a sign or symbol to come to you naturally, and spontaneously. And if you feel from within their presence or their love with you at that moment, this is them.

I hope that this post here can give you some insight into the reality that your loved ones who have passed are still very much with you, and one of the ways is through communication with signs and symbols. :-)