Skepticism with signs and symbols

I feel strongly that skepticism is a healthy approach, and that one should follow one's personal experiences and how something feels to them, over someone else's experiences. This is a topic that I feel should be addressed when it comes to understanding signs and symbols. I do feel that you should even be skeptical about what I'm saying when it comes to the reality that receiving signs and symbols is even real.

If it were not for my personal experiences with spirit doing mediumship, and even the experiences outside of doing readings as well as personal experiences that I have had with signs and symbols, I'd be skeptical. And I think people should honor that and not take this to be the truth, not until you have your personal experience.

I had gone over in my previous post about steps you can start to take to receive a sign or symbol from a loved one, and I feel that getting in a quiet place or even if you are out and about, that just asking for one is all you have to do. You must be patient when it comes to when you are wanting to receive a sign or symbol. I wouldn't put an exact time frame on when one should be delivered to you, and then thinking that, well I asked for one to be sent to me before this date or time, and it didn't come, so this now means that this isn't real. Which is wrong.

We need to allow the sign or symbol to come when it's the right time, in divine timing, and trusting in the timing will also be important. Be open to this reality, but question it, be skeptical, allow yourself to have your personal experience, and allow yourself to see that this indeed is real.