"I  went to go see Mike share his ability as a medium and I just want to say, he is absolutely amazing. He knew things that nobody would know. He really made me feel like a cloud was lifted off me. My brother passed in December and I've been having an extremely hard time with it. Mike made me feel like he was ok and peaceful. Thank you so much."

- Laura Hoftiezer, WI


Group Reading Info 


Small Group Info

- Minimum of 6 people - Max of 10 people 

- $65 per person 

-Mike will do readings for 90 minutes

-Not everyone is guaranteed a reading.


Large Group Info 

- Minimum 20 people - Unlimited number of people 

- $45 per person 

- Not everyone is guaranteed a reading 

- Mike will do readings for 90 minutes 



Please fill out the request form. Mike will correspond with you via email :-) 



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