Core Practices and Techniques to start doing 

  1. Read books on mediumship
  2. Meditation
  3. Presence practice - Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now
  4. Yoga
  5. Mind focus practices
  6. Cleaning up diet - Eating healthier foods
  7. Journaling
  8. Visualization
  9. Affirmations
  10. Solo retreats
  11. Alignment to Mediumship - becoming that person
  12. Self help courses
  13. Quit toxic relationships
  14. Reiki
  15. Life coaching/counseling/therapy
  16. Shamanic Journey
  17. Quitting hard addictions
  18. Travel
  19. Being out in nature
  20. Strong morning routine
  21. Binaural beats
  22. Seek out masterful teachers both spiritually and mediumstically
  23. Public speaking, toastmasters
  24. Creating goals for mediumship
  25. Physical exercise - lifting weights, cardio, gym
  26. Massage therapy
  27. Watching other mediums demonstrate
  28. Attend workshops
  29. Take notes, get a commonplace book for intuitive insights, or other notes for development


Traps of this work - Your mind will be the reason for giving up. 

"To realize that you are not your thoughts is when you begin to awaken spiritually." - Eckhart Tolle 


  1. Settling for weekend workshops for your development - not wanting to spend years on development.
  2. Not taking full responsibility for your development and where you currently are.
  3. Trying to be like another medium and not being your true authentic self.
  4. Feeling like it's too late, I'm too old to change, I've wasted so much time, its too late to develop.
  5. Staying loyal to toxic friends/family who are holding you back.
  6. Not reading or learning, or doing enough practical work on your development.
  7. Asking for “scientific proof.”
  8. Being so skeptical of the work that you become stuck.
  9. Being overlay critical of yourself, doubting yourself, holding yourself back out of fear.
  10. Not recognizing that mystical experiences are real and possible for you to have.
  11. Not realizing that you can have incredible and evidential mediumistic experiences and readings.
  12. Working a job/career just for the money.
  13. Comparing yourself to others rather than taking a good look at where you are and how you can develop further.
  14. Consuming mainstream media. Not realizing how toxic modern media and entertainment is.
  15. Complaining about how your situation is unfair and impossible to change.
  16. Not taking action.
  17. Having a short time horizon for all your goals, plans, and projects for your mediumship.
  18. Over-packing your schedule, leaving no time to sit, come into presence and being, or meditate.
  19. Setting unrealistic expectations. Being too impatient. Expecting big results to come quickly in your development.
  20. Trying to change too much too fast. Lack of focus.
  21. Getting overwhelmed with all the options. Indecisiveness.
  22. Not taking action because, "I don't know how."
  23. Underestimating how much growth is possible. How much better your life can become, and your development in mediumship.
  24. Trying to install too many new habits at once.
  25. Quitting meditation, presence practice, and mediumship development when negative emotions or resistance surfaces.
  26. Not being decisive.
  27. Being a people pleaser.
  28. Not having a big vision for your life and your work.
  29. Using negative motivation to get stuff done.
  30. Motivating yourself through competition with others, trying to be “the best medium”
  31. Making your vision all about personal success and wealth rather than contributing to the world.
  32. Being too cheap, not investing in books, courses, workshops. Undervaluing self-education.
  33. Chasing after love, success, pleasure, excitement, rather than pursuing development and understanding.
  34. Not taking massive action. Assuming that "things will just work out“. No they won't!
  35. Expecting people close to you to understand and support your efforts to develop and grow.
  36. Not realizing or appreciating the incredible value of this work. Its a miracle!
  37. Quitting.
  38. Quitting when resistance kicks in.
  39. Quitting when emotional upheaval surfaces.
  40. Not getting back on track after backsliding or quitting. Beating yourself up for failures.
  41. Identifying with the mind.